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Cosmic Trails for Android

Cosmic Trails

Cosmic Trails is a simple tilt-only game for the Android. By tilting, players move a circle across the screen trying to hit the tops of bars that are exuding randomly from the edges of the screen. Striking the top portion of a bar restores health, while striking any other region depletes health.

Game Play:

The player controls a small warrior that bounces around the screen in response to gravity, trying to knock into nuclear worms snaking out across the screen.

If the player knocks the sensitive head, the worms die and disappear, and the player’s vitality increases. If the player hits the worms’ body, he’s tainted by the nuclear energy and loses vitality. The game has only one mode and one screen for gameplay, and functions as a simple arcade experience.

The player’s score constantly increases as long as they’re alive. The longer players stay alive, the more points they get for each tick of being alive. For instance, between 1-30 seconds the player receives 1 point per tick. Between 31 and 90 seconds the player receives 2 points per tick and so on.

Players get a static amount of points for killing a single worm , with a multiplier for successive kills of the same kind of worm (second small-headed blue worm in a row: 200 points, third: 400 and so on).

End Condition:

The game ends when the player’s vitality is depleted. Striking a worm’s head restores about 1/5 the vitality that running into a worm depletes. Players start out with 15 points of vitality (5 of which are taken away for every worm hit).

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