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Get Interactive and Develop Customer Relationships
The primary benefit of a smartphone application is the level of interactivity it encourages between consumers and businesses. In 2014, mobile advertising is expected to grow 75.1% to $31.45 billion, which makes up nearly one-quarter of total digital ad spending worldwide. Whether you’re a web site developer looking to increase a client's site traffic, or a company looking to extend your interactive marketing campaign, ActionXL will help you tap into this enormous and ever-growing channel.
Our team of experienced artists, programmers, and designers will work with you, your web developer, and/or your advertising agency to create a Custom Branded Application designed specifically for your market.

You can choose one of our existing applications or have us design and create an entirely new app for you. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate your new Branded App into your existing marketing strategy.

We will use your images, logo, and color schemes to maintain a consistent look and feel with your web site.

We will create a link from the splash page of the application to your mobile-friendly web site, a store page, an item description page, a video, or an information page.

We will work closely with your Marketing Team to make sure your application gets the maximum amount of exposure, in the shortest amount of time.

Our interactive media team will upload your application to the Android, Amazon, and/or iPhone Marketplace, create a QR code for the link to the Marketplace, maintain your application with regular updates, and provide you with the latest Assessment Tools for Tracking Downloads and Usage Data.

There Are Many Ways To Work With Us
Our Existing Applications Are Generating Traffic Now. Your clients can buy an existing app without the traffic
  • We include your client’s art to create the splash page
  • We recreate the app with your client’s name
  • We retain our version of the app
  • Your client pays one low fee for the app
Your Clients Can Lease the Traffic
  • We brand the app with your client’s artwork
  • We submit the revised app as an upgrade
  • You client gets the traffic we have developed
  • Your client pays a monthly fee based on impressions and click-thorughs
  • We cap the monthly rate
  • When your client wants to stop, the app reverts to its original form
We Create an Entirely New Application From Your Client’s Specifications
  • We work from your design document
  • You supply the art work, logos, background, etc
  • We work together on the user interface, program design, features, and menus
  • All work is performed as work-for-hire
What Is Your Role?
Simple Referral
  • We negotiate the fees with the client and pay you an agency fee
You Become the General Contractor for Your Client
  • ActionXL acts as your Applications Development team
  • You negotiate the fee with your client (we submit a quote to you for our work)
  • You control the opportunity to create mobile versions of your client’s web site
  • You negotiate the on-going maintenance contract

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