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Portfolio of Games & Applications for Android and iPhone

WoofTrax: Walk for a Dog

Walk for a Dog


The Walk for a Dog program is a dog-powered fundraising tool for animal shelters and rescues.

Support your local animal organization simply by walking your dog! Use the app each time you grab for the leash. It’s healthy for you, your dog, and your favorite shelter or rescue.

  • “This is amazing. To think I have always run with my dogs and now someone will actually help out a local rescue while we get healthy. This is awesome!”

  • “I have 4 dogs and walk them about 2-3 times per week. This app has reenergized me!! I’m so excited to get home and pick a dog and get going!!!”

“I downloaded the Walk for a Dog app and used it today for the first time. Great to know that just by doing what I do every day, walking my dog, I can help the dogs at the Monmouth County SPCA. It’s also good to know how much I am walking – close to my first mile!” 

Total Control: TaeKwonDo Free

Total Control


Whether you have TaeKwonDo experience or are totally new to the sport, Total Control: TaeKwonDo is the app for you.

Total Control: TaeKwonDo puts you in control of your workout. You control all aspects of your workout while the app counts and / or calls each move you choose by name.

  • Set your own pace and time for each workout.
  • Create your own routine from over 100 different moves (paid version only)

It’s like working out with your own personal trainer.

Total Control: TaeKwonDo was created and is performed by Master Bill Helman. Master Bill is a 5th Degree Kukiwon certified Master instructor. 




CRADAR (CRAsh Detection And Response) is a man-down application that uses the accelerometer to detect a crash and sends a text message alert to a specified emergency contact.

CRADAR senses when you fall, waits 30-120 seconds (whatever you set it for), and if it doesn't see you move at least 8 feet, sends a text message to one of your contacts telling them you might be hurt. This gives your contact a chance to call you to see if you're ok.

In the text message is a link to Google Maps with your GPS coordinates.

If they don't get an answer, they know exactly where you are, and have the GPS coordinates so other people can find you too.

Great for cyclists, hikers, bikers, and anyone traveling alone.

Treestand 9-1-1

Treestand 9-1-1


Treestand 9-1-1 is a man-down application built especially for hunters who hunt from a treestand. Treestand 9-1-1 uses the accelerometer in your Android phone to detect a fall and send a text message to any emergency contacts you want.

  • Treestand 9-1-1 is Free
  • Treestand 9-1-1 uses Google Maps and Navigation to pinpoint your location if you fall
  • Sends a text with the link to Google Maps showing exactly where you are
  • Uses SMS so it works with less than 1 bar of cell service
  • Has a test button so you can see if it's working in your area

Always use a safety belt but if something happens, Treestand 9-1-1 can tell someone where you are, even if you can't.

Forage App

Dairy One Forage App


The Dairy One Forage App is a free sample-submission phone app available for Android or iPhone. Using the new phone app, the sample submission process is made faster by storing all of your customer information on the phone.

The app stores and remembers: account number, customer name, email addresses, and customer feeds, along with menus for identifying sample types and services.

The app allows you to assign an individual bar code label to each sample which then becomes its “tracking number”. Once the bar coded data and sample information is entered, it is uploaded directly to the lab – and you are done! Ship the samples and the data is married to the sample upon arrival at the lab.

The app is menu driven and intuitive. However, if you have questions or need additional information, please contact Dairy One.


MapApp: Ithaca

MapApp Ithaca


Cornell and Ithaca College Parents! Find any building, dorm, fraternity or sorority on the Cornell and Ithaca College campuses.

  • MapApp is Free
  • MapApp uses Google Maps and Navigation
  • Provides voice turn-by-tun directions
  • You can add your own points of interest (hotels, motels, restaurants, grocery stores, bakery, deli) ... as many as you want!

MapApp also lets you easily add places you want to find again, like local grocery stores and favorite restaurants. Just add the new spot to your list while you are there, and all of your location information will be recorded and stored automatically.

Bubble Level

Bubble Level

Use Bubble Level to straighten shelves, adjust hanging pictures, get the wall mount for the flat screen just right, or cheat on your golf putts.

Bubble Level is a free application for Android and iOS devices. The application creates an image of a bubble vial on the screen of the phone. Bubble Level works in all three orientations: flat phone (surface level), horizontal phone and vertical phone. A calibration feature is included in the menu options. Accuracy is displayed to tenths, and can be read in various modes: degrees, percent, inches/foot (fractional & decimal), and mm/m. Additional features include Hold and Sound.

Bubble Level is also available on


Visual Level

Visual Level


Johnson Visual Level is the first fully functional augmented reality level application for Android and iPhone smartphones.  This application overlays a level horizontal and plumb vertical beam onto the view of a room through the phone's camera so you can "see" level.  Applications range from sighting level across seveal pictures on a wall to determining the ptich of a roof.  And it's free!

  • Results shown in five construction languages:  percent, degrees, mm/m, in/ft in decimal and in/ft in fraction
  • Optional sound notifier gives an increasing solid beep as you near level and a continuous beep at level
  • Full calibration of the line and the level (just follow the onscreen instructions)
  • Hold feature

Johnson Bubble Level

Johnson Bubble Level


Johnson Bubble Level is a free application for Android devices with an accelerometer (the chip that allows your phone display to move when it's tilted). The application creates an image of a spirit level bubble vial on the screen of the phone.

  • Works in three orientations: flat phone (surface level), horizontal phone and vertical phone
  • Calibration feature included
  • Accuracy displayed to tenths
  • Read "level" in various modes: degrees, percent, inches/foot (fractional & decimal), mm/m
  • Hold feature included Sound feature included
  • Sound feature included
  • Works with all Google Android operating systems

Save My Spot

Save My Spot


Use Save My Spot to mark your location. When you want to find your way back, Save My Spot gives you a Google Map satellite view that:

  • shows where you are
  • the spot you want to return to
  • an arrow that points the way
  • and the exact distance to your destination.

Simple one-button operation.

Store unlimited locations.


Shout Shout


Got something to say? ShoutShout is like digital graffiti. Leave your thoughts on a map for up to an hour, and you can communicate anything from speed traps to a great musician in the park.

Shout about traffic, lunch specials, street fairs, anything that's going on around you that you think other people might want to know about.

ShoutShout is also a great way to find out about interesting events or happenings in your area. You can listen for shouts about impromptu musical performances, flash mobs, or whatever interests you.

Mast Tuner

Mast Tuner


Mast Tuner is a simple application for a quick check of your mast. Use it to check for proper alignment, and to measure the rake of the mast. Uses the camera view finder and accelerometer to create some augmented reality (level lines on the screen and an on-screen inclinometer).

Air Time

Air Time


You jumped the headwall and caught sick air. But how much air exactly? Now you will know. Air Time will tell you how long you were in the air to the hundredth of a second. Track all the jumps on an entire run. Snowboards, Skis, Motocross, BMX, Skateboards ... you name it. If it jumps, Air Time can tell you how long you were in the air.




A Blackbox (Recorder) for your car. If you are in an accident, you will have a video of what happened.

If you use your Android phone as your car navigation system, you can run Blackbox in the background to:

  • Record your drive. Blackbox records driving video in a 3 minute loop. If something happens in front of you (like an accident), and you want to record what happened, tap your phone to save the last minute of video.
  • Detect collisions. Blackbox automatically saves the last minute segment of video when a collision is detected.
  • Share your captured video. Send the captured video via email, text, or YouTube, or Facebook

Mobile Hero 24-7

Mobile Hero


Mobile HERO 24-7, is a Mobile Personal Emergency Response App For Active Seniors, Adults, College Students, Teenagers and Younger Kids

  • Operates in the background on any Android Phone
  • Free Download to your Phone
  • Automatic Fall Detection Technology
  • Medical and Police Alert Touch Icons
  • Affordable 24-7 Monitoring with Live Emergency Operators for Less than $1. a day
  • Amplified 2-Way Voice
  • GPS Location Detection
  • Works at Home or Away Available in every State in the Continental USA

Zig Zag

Zig Zag

In Zig-Zag, the player tilts their phone to steer their electric-orb vehicle. The point of the game is to keep your vehicle balanced between a zig-zag line that is constantly scrolling down the screen. Players can sometimes switch the line they’re on if another one appears nearby. To do this, they swipe their finger in the direction of the new line. Collect points, power ups, and vehicle changes as you move from one dimension to the next ... but don't touch the line!

A psychedelic arcade experience where players keep their electric-orb vehicle balanced on an increasingly ziggy zag. Warning: Trippy.

Zig-Zag is a free application for Android devices.


Cosmic Trails

Cosmic Trails


In Cosmic Trails, players tilt the phone to send their ship soaring across the screen. Celestial, geometric comets streak through the space leaving deadly trails.

Players must strike each comet's head (represented by one of five colorful shapes) while avoiding the glittering tails.

Rubble Sort

Rubble Sort


In Rubble-Sort, players tilt the phone to catch falling rubble in its appropriate storage bin, trying to keep up with a cataclysmic landslide of rainbow rubbish.




Tap + Tilt your way around the 360* world, blasting apart spherical drones before they cluster together and overpower your lone defense. Store bombs to destroy over 10 unique bosses at the end of each area.

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