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ZigZag for Android

Zig Zag is one of our earliest phone games for Android. We wanted to use the accelerometer for game play but we didn't want to build another driving game.

So we started with 2 orbs connected by an energy bolt balancing on a constantly changing wire. Originally done as a concept demo, we decided the project was interesting enough to build the game out.


The player tilts their phone to control the orbs. If an orb makes contact with the Zig Zag track, one life is lost. We added parallel tracks, and added finger swipe control to move the orbs from one track to another.

To move from one track to a parallel track, finger swipe in the direction you wish to move. The orbs will automatically transition to the new track.


We continued to add game elements like power ups, extra lives, etc. and kept a running total for high scores.

The concept was mildly interesting but in the end it didn't satisfy our desire to create something truly unique.

We posted Zig Zag as a free game in the Android Marketplace, where it continues to enjoy moderate success with a loyal following.

Zig Zag is an ActionXL motion sensing game for Android. Use your Android phone and tap this QR code, search the Marketplace for ActionXL, or scan this QR code with any barcode scanning application.

Zig Zag QR code

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