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Cluster for Android

Tap + Tilt your way around the 360* world, blasting apart spherical drones before they cluster together and overpower your lone defense. Store nukes to destroy over 10 unique mega-mechs at the end of each area.

Shooting defense game where the player tilts the phone to move their view 360* around the field, tapping on the screen to destroy solo and clustered enemies.

The area is under attack and only you can protect it. Shoot colored drones out of the sky with an electric cannon before they can cohere. On their own, drones are almost harmless but clustered together they can deal heavy damage. Three linked drones can charge energy and fire a powerful shot. While you fight, keep an eye open for bombs slowly falling from the sky.

Only ships of the same color can cluster together for an attack. Green enemies look for green enemies, red look for reds, etc… clusters take 3 enemies to fire at the player and 3 shots to destroy. The objective is to destroy them before they can link together. Universal (multi colored) enemies can link to any group and will join whatever is closest.

Shooting down a bomb will in turn give you a bomb capable of wiping out all enemy’s on screen. Their appearance is rare. Shooting down a white enemy as it is landing provides health, but they appear where there is the least number of enemies and are fairly uncommon.

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