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Bubble Level for Android
     and iPhone

Bubble Level works in all three orientations: flat (surface level), horizontal, and vertical.

Bubble Level

Additional features include Hold, Sound, and Camera Mode. Use it to straighten shelves, adjust hanging pictures, or cheat on your golf putts. Bubble Level works with all phones or tablets running the Google Android operating system.


Camera Mode

Use the option menu to change to camera mode. Camera mode allows you to see the object with the level in the picture. This gives you the ability to see if something is level without laying the phone on it.



A calibration feature is included in the menu options. Accuracy is displayed to tenths, and can be read in various modes: degrees, percent, inches/foot (fractional & decimal), and mm/m. .


Spirit Level

Lay your phone or tablet flat to change the display to a spirit level. Center the bubble for a perfectly level surface.


Bubble Level is a free application for Android and iPhone. Use your Android phone and tap the QR code. You can also search the Android Marketplace for ActionXL, or scan the QR code with any barcode scanning application.

Bubble Level is also available on for free download.

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