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Software Development Kit

The ActionXL Motion Controller software development kit is the fastest, easiest way to add motion sensing to your games and take advantage of the hottest trend in gaming today.

Windows sees the ActionXL Motion-Controller as a standard 3-axis, 2-button game controller. Therefore, any joystick calls from a game will be answered by Windows, with whatever game controllers Windows has identified. Windows identifies the ActionXL controller as "Motion Controller". If your game is written to take advantage of joystick inputs, you already have all of the components you need to take advantage of ActionXL's Motion Controller.

Included Files

  1. Binary DLL with Visual Studio Intellisense XML file.
  2. Source code (in C#) for MotionControllerManager and MotionDetector
  3. Readme.txt

Note: Managed DirectX and DirectInput necessary to run manager (also requires .NET framework)

Motion Controller Manager

This library enables the easy detection, enumeration, and reading of Motion Controllers attached to the system. It also includes a detector that enables the easy detection of controller orientation and some simple gestures.

Please note: Requires Managed DirectInput and DirectX to run.

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