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Rubble Sort for Android

Rubble Sort

In Rubble Sort, the player tilts the Android to move a series of colored buckets back and forth across the screen. The player’s goal is to catch falling objects in like-colored buckets. To speed up the pace of falling objects, players can swipe down on the screen or scroll the mouse-ball.

Players collect and sort objects falling from mechanical arms. As players get more adept at catching falling objects, the mechanical arms move faster, and objects drop at an increasingly faster pace.



The player’s score increases whenever they successfully get an object in a bucket (10). Combos create multipliers (score+2*n), and missed objects or misplaced objects break combos. Players receive bonus points for getting an object into the bucket faster than its natural fall time by using the D pad (or trackball).

End Condition
The game ends when the player misses an objectand has no more lives to use.

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