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Save My Spot for Android

You just finished shopping, and now ...

you can't remember where you parked?


No problem!

       Save My Spot never forgets!

  • Simple one-button operation
  • Uses GPS for tracking
  • Stores unlimited locations


      Use Save My Spot to mark your location.

      When you want to find your way back, Save My Spot shows you:


  • Satellite view of where you are (blue dot)
  • The spot you want to return to (red star)
  • An arrow that points the way
  • The exact distance to your destination






Save My Spot is an ActionXL application for Android. Use your Android phone and tap the QR code, search the Marketplace for ActionXL, or scan the QR code with any barcode scanning application.

Save My Spot uses your phone's GPS and Magnetometer to set locations. Does not work in covered parking lots.

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