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Treestand 9-1-1 for Android

Note: Some Android phones, when they sleep (hibernate), turn off the phone's sensors. Treestand uses the phone's accelerometer to sense a fall. If the accelerometer is off, Treestand will not work.

To remedy this we have programmed a warning message to pop up on phone's that have this issue. On those phones, Treestand will dim the screen but will prevent the phone from going into full sleep mode, in order to keep the accelerometer active.


Treestand 9-1-1 is a man-down application that runs on any Android phone.

Treestand 9-1-1 senses when you fall, waits 30-300 seconds (whatever you set it for), and if you don't press the "I'm OK" button, sends a text message to your emergency contacts telling them you might be hurt. This gives them a chance to call you to see if you're ok.

In the text message is a link to Google Maps with your GPS coordinates.

If they don't get an answer, they know exactly where you are, and have the GPS coordinates so other people can find you too.



The first time Treestand 9-1-1 starts, it loads the configuration screen. You only have to do this once.

Before you use Treestand 9-1-1, we have to read the sensitivity of the accelerometer in your phone.

To set the sensitivity, drop the phone from a height of about 2 feet onto a soft surface (like a rug) or bang it against your hand. This will help Treestand detect the sensitivity of the accelerometer. Do it a couple of times to get a consistent reading.

Save your calibration


Add at least one emergency contact.

You can add as many contacts as you like.

Each contact will receive a message if you fall.



Press Start Monitoring to activate Treestand 9-1-1.

Once a fall has been detected, your phone will start ringing and vibrating, and the counter will start.

If you tap the "I'm OK" button before the timer runs out, the alert will be cancelled and Treestand 9-1-1 will go back to monitoring.

If you do not tap the "I'm OK" button, Treestand 9-1-1 will send a text message to your emergency contacts in the following format:

"My phone detected a fall. I may be injured.,-76.487385&ll=42.484506,-76.487385&z=16"

Your emergency contacts can tap the link and see your exact location in Google Maps.

Advanced Settings

  1. Edit your emergency message - Limited to a maximum of 48 characters. This leaves enough room for the Google Maps link.
  2. Change the time to wait before sending a message - Set the wait time from 30 to 300 seconds.
  3. Send a test alert -Test to see if your GPS and cell signals are strong enough to get a message to your emergency contacts.

Treestand 9-1-1 is a free Android application from ActionXL. Use your Android phone to search the Marketplace for ActionXL.

Copyright © 2010 ActionXL LLC. All rights reserved.